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Geotechnical Engineering

CMT Engineering Inc. has carried out thousands of geotechnical investigations for a wide range of engineering projects, including residential and condominium development, commercial and industrial development, roadways, bridges, and landfills.

Construction Inspection and Testing

CMT Engineering Inc. provides construction materials inspection and testing services for all stages of construction projects. As projects are constructed, CMT Engineering Inc. provides field engineers and technologists to provide consultation, testing and recommendations.

Concrete Testing

CMT Engineering Inc. provides on-site field sampling and testing services of concrete during placement, including slump, air content and preparation of test cylinders for compressive strength testing. All testing is performed by Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL) Certified Technicians.

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing of materials provides information necessary for engineering analysis. Aggregates must meet specified physical property requirements and concrete strength must meet specified values for structural components. CMT Engineering Inc. has a fully equipped CCIL Certified laboratory to perform testing on soils, aggregates and concrete. The concrete laboratory is certified as Category ‘O’ and the soils laboratory is certified as Type ‘C’. The following is a list of testing that can be performed in our laboratory:

Retaining Wall Design/Consulting

CMT Inc. has carried out hundreds of retaining wall designs for a wide range of projects including residential, commercial, industrial, bridge embankments, temporary crane pads and other applications. CMT Inc. has worked with retaining wall block manufacturers, architectural and engineering firms, real estate development groups and design build contractors to provide retaining wall selection, specification and design services.
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Sewage Disposal Design

CMT Engineering Inc. designs Class IV on-site sewage disposal systems for private residences, commercial buildings, industrial developments, or institutional developments. The subsurface investigation includes on-site supervision of test pit excavations, laboratory analysis for percolation time determination, detailed AutoCAD design drawings and a report. 

Manure Storage Investigations

CMT Engineering Inc. performs subsurface investigations for manure storage facilities, either using excavation of test pits or drilling to obtain soil samples.

The purpose of the investigation is to determine if the site meets the requirements for a permanent nutrient storage facility in compliance with the Nutrient Management Act, 2002 (Ontario Regulation 267/03 and amended to Ontario Regulation 511/05).


Infiltration Testing

CMT Engineering Inc. offers permeability testing in unsaturated soils to determine in-situ infiltration and/or field saturated hydraulic conductivity rates. The in-situ permeability testing can be completed in a test pit or down boreholes up to depths of 30 feet. The down borehole method allows for rate determination deep below the ground surface without creating a large, accessible excavation.

Drilling Services

CMT Drilling Inc. is a subsidiary company of CMT Engineering Inc., providing drilling services throughout Ontario for geotechnical, hydrogeological and environmental projects, by continuous MC5 sampling or split spoon sampling (SPT). We also provide monitoring well installations and decommissioning. Our company is an MECP Licensed Well Contractor, with MECP Licensed Well Technicians. Our drilling technicians are certified in WHMIS, CN Railroad Safety and GO Transit Rail Safety.

Roofing Inspections

CMT Engineering Inc. provides inspections and supervision of placed roofing materials to ensure the materials are placed in accordance with the project specifications. We also attend pre-construction meetings to review the project details and specifications. Final inspections can be completed as well at close to the end of construction to identify deficiencies and make recommendations.

Structural Steel Inspections

CMT Engineering Inc. is on-site during the erection of structural steel to inspect the bolting and welding to ensure the materials are erected in accordance with CSA-W59, CSA-W47.1 and CAN/CSA-S16 specifications. The inspections are carried out by CSA-W178, Level 1 and Level 2 inspectors. Deficiencies are recorded and communicated to the site personnel at the time of the site visit. Inspections can also be completed in the structural steel fabrication shop to ensure the materials specified for each project are fabricated properly and will be delivered to the site correctly.

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