Experts in Geotechnical Engineering and Materials Inspection in Southwestern Ontario


CMT Engineering Inc. provides construction materials inspection and testing services for all stages of construction projects. As projects are constructed, CMT Engineering Inc. provides field engineers and technologists to provide consultation, testing and recommendations.
We provide the following services:

  • Footing and excavation inspections for foundations
  • Drywell/infiltration inspections
  • Earthworks/site grading monitoring and compaction testing
  • Asphalt sampling and compaction testing
  • Concrete sampling and testing
  • Mortar and grout sampling and testing
  • Reinforcing steel inspections
  • Waterproofing inspections
  • Air vapour barrier inspections
  • Fireproofing inspections
  • Building envelope inspections
  • Supervision of driven piles, helical piers and caissons
  • Retaining wall installation inspections
  • Structural steel inspections
  • Roofing inspections